by Todd Sparrow

The time has come for me to transition from my role as Area Coordinator.  I deeply appreciate the support of those that have served along side in board positions and volunteer roles.  I have spoken to Claiborne Thornton, our THEA president, and he would like to hold a meeting to help coordinate this transition.  There are some that have expressed interest in participating with board roles and/or other volunteer positions that I invite to participate in this meeting.  Claiborne would like to come to Knoxville or hold an online meeting very soon related to this.  A proposed date will be sent shortly.  Please continue to pray for homeschooling families in our Area and for SMHEA and THEA is we continue to serve those in our community and work to help secure our rights to home educate.

If you would like to contact me, please visit

UPDATE 10/4/21:  The meeting has occurred and a new Area Coordinator will be announced soon.

Please email if you need additional assitance.


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