• Do you wonder what home schooling is all about?

  • Are you considering home education but don’t know if you can do it?

  • Have you thought about home schooling but don’t know where to start?

Homeschool 101 Events

A Homeschool 101 event is an opportunity to find out more about home education and to get your questions answered. 

SMHEA offers a Homeschool 101 session at various times throughout the year in different locations across our region.  These sessions are open to all. The basics of home education are presented, and experienced home educators are available to answer questions.  Attending a Homeschool 101 event is a great way to explore the subject of home education and to find out more about the options available to you.

Schedule of Events

Anderson County - April 2019 (TBD - 23rd or 27th)

Let your County Ambassador know if you are interested in one by emailing. Click Area Representative under the Connection heading to access your County Ambassador's email address.


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